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Jullay Mara Lay
2005 is the beginning of a journey: Mara Casella's journey. Coming from Switzerland to India, in Ladakh, she dreams of creating a small school for children with disabilities that also acts as a training center for local teachers and becomes a point of reference for Ladaki families so that they can deal with the problem of disability.
In 2008, at 3,500 meters above sea level, the Munsel School was inaugurated, which means: "get out of the dark", "get out of ignorance". Respecting the ancient traditions, the name is chosen on the advice of a Great Lama. The monk who was consulted gave his approval to the project of the school, tracing its path spiritually. 10 years have passed, turning his little dream into a reality rooted in a very particular cultural and religious context.
In 2018, Mara's journey marks a milestone for the entire project, resulting in increased local autonomy in the management of the school and the construction of the new school. We then travel with Mara, starting from his home in Friborg up to Leh and then pushing into the wonderfully wild villages and areas of Ladakh, telling through his eyes the social, cultural and religious reality of Ladakh in comparison with social problems important as disability.
Tracing a portrait of his life, his personality and his emotions through his daily life; describing his friendships and his love for people and places which are so important in her life to consider Leh, Ladakh and his population, a second home.

Lenght: 52 minutes

Filmed and directed by Niccolò Aiazzi
Produced by RSI

In collaboration with Polyphoto, for the supply of Olympus lenses

And with the collaboration of Munsel Society Leh


All rights reserved © NICCOLÒ AIAZZI - P.IVA 08288270963 - PRIVACY POLICY